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Kombat Group Thailand

Kombat Group Thailand is a training camp of: Weight Loss, Muay Thai, Western Boxing, MMA, BJJ,Kickboxing, Krav Maga and Self Defense, located just outside Pattaya - Thailand (150 km from Bangkok), on the right side of the wonderful Siam Gulf. Keep Reading

1,000 Jumps Workout

In need of a workout idea when traveling the world? Try the 1,000 Jumps Circuit All you need is a jump rope and whatever is available around you, whether you're at a gym or in your own backyard. After every 100 jumps do a exercise of your choosing till you reach 1,000 jumps, with thousands of variations and combos it's the perfect workout to do road. Try one on your next active vacation! Keep Reading

Fitness Casting in France

Fitness Discovered is Exploring France this August. If you or your fitness community would like to be showcased, contact us. Seeking all forms of fitness lifestyles from bodybuilding, meditations, health and wellness. Keep Reading

The Workout Of The Future

Only have 15 minute try MANDUU The full body workout using EMS combined with personal training and precise body composition measuring in a special atmosphere! Check it out next time your near Los Angeles, California. All of your muscles are strengthened, toned and built up from its deepest layers. Your body will be perfectly sculpted, your back will be strengthened, and your fat metabolism will be boosted. Manduu lifestyle workout offers the perfect solution and is suitable for everyone, no matter what age or fitness level. Keep Reading

L.A’s Hottest Workout

Next time you're in Los Angeles you have to get your Groove on at Groov3.  GROOV3  is Los Angeles hottest workout. Targeting those that want to learn how to dance, and those who used to dance, G3 has an emphasis on boosting confidence, building communities, and putting the fun back in fitness. With the hottest jams and simple combinations made for all levels, GROOV3 is elevating YOUR dance experience and will change the way you workout!  “GROOV3” your way to a healthier and happier lifestyle... DANCE SWEAT LIVE! Keep Reading

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