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Have you ever traveled with a group and felt like you needed your own vacation afterwards. Lets face it, traveling with a group is all about compromise. Deciding on the days activities, what food everyone will be happy to eat, when and where everyone will meet up; it’s all rather exhausting. If you feel this way maybe its time to become a solo traveler.

“When we travel alone we see reflections of who we are and who we can become”-SJW

Traveling solo can sound a bit scary to some, but releasing the fear of the unknown will only help you discover who you real are. Take for an example; seeing a movie by yourself. This statement alone makes most people sad and depressed to the contrary its quite liberating. Think about it, being in a dark room focused on the screen having someone sitting next you provides you nothing but sometimes an annoying voice in your ear giving their personal experience of the film/environment. In reality it’s not seeing a movie by yourself that is depressing to some, it’s the journey to your seat that most people fear. The feeling people are watching you, judging, whispering and wondering why that person is alone. This is truly just in your mind, a subconscious thought created by fear. Next time you have the urge to watch a movie at your local theater try going by yourself and see how you feel afterwards. The same fear come with your first solo trip, but the rewards are much greater.

Traveling alone is not uncommon and most solo travelers are able to meet other travelers at hostels, bars, organized tours or any place where travelers tend to hang out or congregate.

In my personal experience I prefer to travel to alone. It’s the places and people I’ve connected with that have shaped who I am as a person. When I travel solo I see reflections of myself; perspectives of the past, present and future. Engaging with others who remind me of who I once was or even who I can become. I’m able to take theses encounters as lessons and apply them to bring out the highest potential of myself. I challenge anyone who reads this to take a risk, try something new and start discovering the world through your own eyes.

Advantages to traveling alone

  • Your time and budget are your own! It’s all up to you how much time to spend someplace, what your daily modes of travel will be.
  • It’s easier to make friends with the locals. Many great opportunities to interact with the locals on a personal level can be found and enjoyed without a friend or other companion.
  • More space to make your trip entirely your own. Solo travel can be a great opportunity for reflection and moving at an individual pace. Traveling by yourself, you only have to please yourself.
  • You will be far more flexible than non-solo travelers, and may find it easier to cope with unexpected setbacks and complications. There’s nobody to blame you for your own gaffes, after all!

Disadvantages to traveling alone

  • You have to carry all your gear yourself, which can be both inconvenient and stressful.
  • It’s more expensive, as there is no one to share costs with. Rooms are usually about the same price for one or for two. You’ll need to budget a little bit more.

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