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    Pumpkin Protein Pancake
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    Pumpkin Protein Pancake
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    Blueberry Coconut Protein Pancake 'It's Paleo'
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    Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancake "It's Paleo"
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    Chorro Protein Pancake
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    GF, DF

Save The World and Your ABS with these Pancakes!


In a world of poor nutrition, short attention spans and rising obesity rates. The world is in need of a hero to represent proper nutrition and sustainability. Only one person has the recipes and skills to wipe out processed sugar once and for all. Major Protein is the part time cook and full time hero saving the world one meal at a time. A brand that crosses not only retail shelves but publishing and new media platforms. 

Are you ready to eat healthy?

Major Protein’s pancake mixes and syrups are made from the most sustainable ingredients in world, even down to the packaging. You are literally saving the planet one flip at a time. Reducing water, waste and your carbon foot print.
Powered by protein that is 2x stronger than beef with over 9 essential amino acids, omega-3‘s, more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk, Gluten-free and dairy free. With over different 6 flavors to choose from It’s a meal fit for a hero. Oh yeah and it’s made with crickets!

Not hero enough to eat crickets?

No worries, “Cooking With Major Protein” a comic series cookbook filled with missions and healthy pancake recipes will be available summer 2018 you can sign up to preorder.

Who’s behind Major Protein?

Stephen John Williams a world traveler, motivator, actor, certified personal trainer and nutritionist. This past year he spent volunteering around the globe; eating with buddhist monks, cooking with a French stewardess, making protein pancakes with muay fighters and working out with a vegan bodybuilder. What he didn’t expect to learn was how much the world needs empowerment and how we need to be 100% sustainable consumers to make change on a global scale. This why Major Protein was born.

What to get involved?

Per Order at Indiegogo to help spread the word about the healthiest pancake.
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